MIA 6×6 10 mm focal length



Focal length 10 mm
Pinhole diameter 0.1 mm
F-stop 100
Angle of view 150 deg
Standard 1/4″ tripod thread on the base
Rear red window frame counter
Film window reminder on the back
Double knobs to manage double exposures
Magnetic knobs/shutter

A very wide angle of view capable of very interesting and extreme images with an important vignette. Super sharp small pinhole.

Quite wide angle of view with very little vignetting. The small pinhole diameter give a quite sharp image and good contrast.
It is not a conventional camera, it is quite extreme in fact. Assure the tension on the film is correct otherwise images can overlap. It is capable anyway of very unique images.

Colours in the images are just some options but please, get in touch with me for your MIA.
Build time 1-2 weeks.

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